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Jascalevich was born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 1965, lived in Bahia, Brazil, and in Rome for many years before coming to Germany. Since 1977 D.J has performed in the following cities: Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador da Bahia, Madrid, Copenhagen, New York, Paris, Rome, London and a number of German venues.

His recordings document an unprecedented but genuine way of Charango playing, without departing from the instrument’s roots.

His versatile new technique allows the Charango to shine solo, in the company of a Classic guitar, with a String Quartet (as in the case of the piece “Arcos, Charango y Bombo” ) amongst Jazz bands and almost any other imaginable formation.


This project is named after the Charango. In Buenos Aires, the home town of D.J., Gocharan is colloquial for Charango. The Charango is a small 5-string guitar. It is the national Instrument of Bolivia but also well known in the north of Argentina, in Chile and Peru. It originates in the “Viguena de mano”, a spanish plucked string instrument which was brought to South America by the conquerors. There, it fascinated the folks of the mountain regions, who’s music until then did not know a comparable instrument. Since there are no trees growing in the high plateaus of the Andes, the Indios had to improvise: they substituted the wood for the body of the guitar with the body of the armadillo and thus invented the Charango. The Charango bears some resemblance to the baroque guitar: both instruments have double strings, and the shape and playing technique is similar as well.

Today the Charango is a commonly used accompanying instrument in the South American Andes. Diego Jascalevich developed a new, melodic playing technique for this little harp like instrument. For the ensemble “Gocharan Projec” a sound never heard before evolves, equally rhythmic, full of temper an lyric.


1995, Veni, Cello und 24 Flaschen

1996, Suite para charango, Solo

2000, Suite para Charango, Charango und Streich Quartett

2006, Danzas del Amazonas,ein Didaktische Suite in 8 Sätze für Orchester über Südamerikansiche Rythmen

2007, Guerra de Yacares, Orchester Suite in drei Sätze

2009, Misa Nueva, Für Chor und Orchester, Messe

2011, Sinfonia Sudaca, drei Sätze

2018, Suite Folklorica, Flöte Oboe und Klavier



Diego Jascalevich Solo


  • Duo EnContraste mit Sandra Bauer, Flöte
  • Jascalevich – Müller mit Michael Müller, Klavier
  • Forró & Cumbia mit Markus Thiel, Akkordeon
  • Los Porteños mit Marcos Gonçalves da Rocha, Gitarre
  • Tango Duo Richter – Jascalevich mit Sabina Richter, Bandoneon
  • Welt der Saiten mit Tomoko Kihara, Koto und Gäste
  • Duo Rilegato



  • Anden Jazz mit Michael Müller, Klavier, Tom VIllon, E-Baß und Rui Resi Percussion
  • La chan chan, Cuarteto milonguero, mit  Julia Rogozia, Geige, Tim Köglin, Akkordeon und TIll Spohr Kontrabaß



  • 1994 als Komponist in der compilation “Desert rain”, herausgegeben von Next Age Records, Milan, Italy.
  • 1994/6 D. J. nimmt den Charangopart in zwei Produktionen Andrea Bocellis auf: “II mare calmo della sera” und danach in “Romanza” Rome, Italy.
  • 1996 Tourneen mit Rafaele Malozzi von Next Age Records Milan, ltaly.
  • 1996 D. J. spielt Charango in “Entre amigos” mit Jose Luis Monton, Aliso Records, Paderborn, Deutschland.
  • 1996 “Sur” Kompositionen und Einspielungen im Duo mit Toto Blanke, Aliso Records, Deutschland.
  • 1997 D. J. spielt Charango in “World dreams ” mit Federico Laterzza, Warner Bros., Mailand und Rom, Italien.
  • 1997 “Balada para un loco” D. J. als Komponist, Arrangeur und Interpret in Zusammenarbeit mit Trio de la Gorra, Aurea Vox Deutschland.
  • 2003 “Charango nuevo” D. J. stellt den Charango als solistisches Instrument in mehreren Besetzungen vor, Eigenkompositionen und Arrangements. Musicom Münster, Deutschland.
  • 2004 “O trio mio”, Produktion mit dem Trio Delicado ( Caterina Lichtenberg- Mandoline, Peter Ernst- Gitarre)

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