Danzas del Amazonas

© Maja Oschmann


by Diego Jascalevich

Duration: Approximately 45, 10 minutes more with the introduction and presentation that can be read by a narrator.

Danzas del Amazonas is a didactic work for young musicians inspired by the story “Las medias de los Flamencos” from the book “Tales of the jungle” by the Uruguayan writer Horacio Quiroga. It tells the story of a party that the animals celebrate in the jungle. The piece consists of eight movements. Each one associates a South American musical genre with the animal that stars in the story. Each movement is based on a certain scale or modus, in order to stimulate in the interpreters the recognition by association of “personage – musical genre – tonal material”. For example: The baião mixolydian of the flamingos, the dorian Tango of the puma, the chromatic choro of the armadillo and so on. The piece aims to create a bridge between academic and popular interpretation, provide participants an introduction to the world of improvisation and the revaluation and dissemination of the South American folklore. The movements are originally written for orchestra and chamber ensembles, all respecting a certain space for improvisation. Therefore, the rehearsals will not only be dedicated to working the given genre, limiting the experience to the score but opening it to the recognition of the tonal and rhythmic material with the help of a series of simple exercises, designed to develop the fluidity and the security of the improvisation on the certain musical context. The suite was composed considering the optional possibility of adding a dance group. The choreography can be the same one already used in previous presentations in Germany or a new one can be created. You can also add a group of plastic arts that, parallel to the course of the rehearsals, is working on the subject. The works done may be part of the scenery in the presentation of the work. Before the start of the concert, an adaptation of the story by Horacio Quiroga and a description of each of the main animals of the story can be narrated. This presentation may be accompanied by the exhibition of the works carried out by the art group or by the projection of a series of illustrations slides made exclusively for this project by an artist from Germany, accompanied by the musical themes that will characterize the protagonists during the course of the work to familiarize the young audience with the characters and their musical motives.


Hormigas Marabuntas (Marabuntas ants)
Huayno (Peruvian rhythm)
Para orquesta

Fantasy for an ensemble of flutes

Coral y Cascabel (Coral y Rattlesnake)
Candombe (Uruguayan rhythm)
For oboe, charango, guitar, violoncello and percussion

Choro del quirquincho cromático (Chromatic Choro of the armadillo)
Choro (Brazilian rhythm)
For mandolines, guitar, double bass and percussion

Una Vieja Tortuga (An Old Tortoise)
Baguala (Argentinian rhythm)
For wind quintet

Puma tanguero
Tango (Argentinian rhythm)
For strings ensemble

Baion de los Flamencos Vanidosos (Baion of the Vanity Flamingos)
Baion (Brazilian rhythm)
For orchestra

Murga del perezoso (Murga of the sloth)
Murga (Uruguayan and Argentinian rhythm)