Duo Rilegato

with Johannes Monno, Barrock Guitarre

Different worlds seem to meet when the Duo Rigelato performs. On one side the baroque guitar, with it’s practical and stylistic academic ambition, the Charango on the other side, made of and passed on by folklore.

Like the instruments, the music of Spain was also transferred. Until today one can locate the source of Latin American folklore. Getting closer to the music of the baroque guitar of Spain and South America between 1630 and 1700, there are two possible musical ways to go. Either one studies historical treatise of the musical era of both countries and tries to perform those, or one may dive into the abundance of the folk music and dance, obviously inherited with the same historical roots. This is also true for the playing technique of both instruments. Seeing the Charango and the Baroque Guitar being played side by side reveals a definite familiarity of the two instruments. The relationship of both instruments becomes very obvious to the audience. Duo Rilegato combines classical and improvised folkloric music with fascinating vitality.

The South American string instrument of the central regions of the Andes, again leaves it’s traditional grounds as an accompanying instrument to emerge as a solo instrument into the foreground. Classical notation, free improvisation and the rhythmic diversity of South American music complement one another.


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