Diego Jascalevich – Charango
Gunther Fuhr – Bandoneon
Berthold Mayrhofer – Kontrabass

Those three musicians that play together since many years and managed to know each other in divers musical settings, are showing a panoramic overall concerning the topic of Tango. Being familiar with the repertoire of traditional Tango they are able to present new perspectives of the Known.

The encounter of a playful Argentine tango virtuoso with a classically trained jazz expert and a donkey-breeding master of bandoneon would have to promise a stimulating as well as enjoyable evening – in which the mood does not come too short.


Gunther Fuhr grew up in the South of Hesse. The studies of school music led him to Kassel. After completing his studies, he trained himself on the bandoneon. He prefers to play music in small ensembles between tango, jazz and avant-garde.

Diego Jascalevich from Buenos Aires has performed since his youth in all parts of the world and is considered the leading virtuoso of the charango. Engagements took him to South America, Europe and Japan. Numerous CD productions with well-known musicians document the versatility of the artist, which appears not only as an interpreter, but also as a composer.

Berthold Mayrhofer likes to play Schubert’s “Forellenquintett” with his classic colleagues just as much as “Body and Soul” at “Jazz im tif” or elsewhere. In addition to the classic study of double bass he taught himself in jazz.  He understands music as a comprehensive expression of life.



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